This December marks the 20-year anniversary of Iran Alive Ministries! By God’s grace, we have been winning thousands of lives for Christ over the last two decades.
At the start of every year, Iran Alive Ministries must renew its broadcast license in order to continue bringing 24/7 Christian programming into Iran for the next year. We are asking for our partners to prayerfully consider contributing toward the 2022 broadcasts and help us carry out the Great Commission by effective evangelism and discipleship through our programming. We are believing for $500,000 which will cover licensing and provide funds to produce and broadcast family-focused programs to equip new believers who have reached out to us for teachings on spiritual growth, biblical marriage, and parenting. It is so encouraging to see entire families coming to Christ and the nation of Iran being transformed by the power of the Gospel!

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Please fill out the form below to help us continue broadcasting in 2022:

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