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Taking the Gospel to Iran For the past 20 years Iran Alive Ministries has been reaching Farsi-speaking people for Christ through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development. Learn More Stronger Families Equipping the believers with Focus on The Family teachings and training resources for stronger families. Learn More Seven Mountains of influence Dr. Shariat has outlined in his book, Iran’s Great Awakening, the seven areas of transformation that must occur to fulfill the Lord’s promise in Jeremiah 49:38 to “I will set my throne in Elam” (present-day Iran). 24/7 Satellite TV Programs Over 55 million Iranians have access to satellite TV. An estimated 6 million unique viewers watch our 24/7 satellite TV programs regularly. Weekly Church service and virtual fellowship Our church 7 service is broadcast every Friday live during the prime time in Iran for over an estimated 2 million Iranian believers who have no place to worship with others. Through Church 7 membership and fellowship on different virtual platforms individuals and underground house churches are able to connect into a family of believers. Learn More

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Dr. Shariat’s outlines his journey out of Islam to freedom in Christ. In his book he also refers to the prophecies about Iran in the Bible, and the compelling strategies to reach the Middle East with the Gospel.

Bible Poverty is a real challenge in Iran.

Bible in prohibited in Iran. The number one request that we receive from new believers that come to Christ is to receive a copy of the Bible in Farsi. There is serious safety issues and concerns to smuggle Bible into Iran.


4:12 Training school was birthed based on Ephesians 4:12 “to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.”

When a new believer comes to faith the very first step is to help them unravel the truths about the Word of God and help them understand and gain biblical perspective. 4:12 Training school was established to make disciples -those who will carry the Word of God to others and fulfill their callings in their daily lives. 4:12 Training school offers virtual courses that cover a wide range of biblical training from the fundamentals of Christianity to leadership development. Today, there are more than 2,000 registered students at 4:12 Training school.

Weekly church services in Iran.

Our weekly global church service provides weekly biblical teachings and messages for over an estimated 2 million believers that don’t a church to go to in Iran.


Children of today will become leaders of tomorrow!

Children in Iran are desperate to learn the Word of God. They don’t have access to Sunday Schools or any other resources readily available to them. They’re in need of biblical teachings and discipleship materials to learn, grow and be grounded in their Christian faith.

Biblical parenting is an urgent need for believers in Iran. Christian parenting goes hand in hand with raising up a God-honoring generation in Iran.

There is a significant need for biblical teachings, tools, and resources on building families with strong foundation through proper parenting techniques in connection with controversial issues, drug use, and suicide rate among that teens and young adults.


24/7 Farsi-speaking prayer counselors are ready and trained to pray with the people that reach out with various needs and prayer requests.

Our prayer counselors are available on multiple social media platforms to take incoming calls for prayers, counseling, and answer questions about Jesus, Bible, Scripture references and other issues to help those that are either searching for the truth in their journey or may be ready to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Reaching Iranians for Christ through the social media platforms

Even though most social networks and websites are blocked by the Iranian government Iran Alive Ministries streams the programs live on various social media platforms such as, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, and Facebook…


Underground house Churches are growing in Iran

Due to the very strict Islamic governmental restrictions, Iranians lack church buildings, pastors that would be allowed to preach openly, worship choirs at the church services or fellowship with other believers. Iran Alive Ministries has been empowering and equipping many leaders to plant underground house churches in Iran for the equipping of the believers. Despite the safety risks the house churches pose, we have first-hand information that the presence of the Lord is ever so strong among the members of the underground house churches. We often hear transformational and life changing testimonies coming from these underground house churches.