What is the 7 Dollar War?

7 Dollar War

7 Dollar War

Tensions in the Middle East are rising. Iran is developing nuclear weapons and they won’t be afraid to use them once they have them. Iran is indeed a threat to world peace! We nervously watch the headlines – is the United States contemplating a war with Iran? Only time will tell, but a different kind of war rages; a war that doesn’t kill an enemy but saves lost souls in Iran; a war we have been fighting since 2001.

This war will not be won through political posturing or military campaigns. No, this spiritual battle will be won minute by minute with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Can $7 really win a war? Of Course!

With 82 million inhabitants, The Islamic Republic of Iran is the 18th most populous country; the largest Farsi speaking country in the world. Inside Iran there are no churches, no legal access to the Gospel or the Bible, and therefore, no hope. Since 1978, the Islamic Revolution has seen to that. But since 2001, the ministry of Iran Alive has been broadcasting the Gospel into Iran.

Minute by minute, God’s truth and message of redemption is going over the heads of the Mullahs to six million daily viewers – an estimated 130 million Farsi speakers in the Middle East. Since 2001, this ministry has led over 36,000 individuals into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Iran Alive invests minute after minute proclaiming the Gospel at the cost of $7 per minute.

With no legal or reliable access to the Bible, no true biblical foundation, and no real context to enable understanding, Persians depend on every minute of biblical teaching we can provide.

Can $7 transform really lives?

Yes. $7 has transformed, is transforming and will continue to transform lives, bringing people out from under Islam’s bondage into the glorious freedom of life in Jesus Christ!

Here’s the Big Picture: if six million Persians are watching our programs, your $7 has multiplied to a $42 million investment.

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7 Dollar War

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